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Maressa & Marcus-A Personal Touch

A personal touch on a wedding day does more than set one couple apart from another, it ensures that their day becomes a memorable experience for all in attendance. It was as if Maressa and Marcus knew this secret the moment they began to plan their wedding. Their chosen day, the 29th July, 2017 had no real significance before they said their vows but they now dub it “The Wells Day”, their special day. From customizing her own wedding dress, creating the wedding invitations and favours and making sure that Marcus’s mother who is no longer here was honoured during the ceremony, the Wells’ wedding day was an unforgettable affair.  

I always love to ask couples how their love story began, and this couple allowed to me to share in their love story. Their initial meeting was while they both attended college but what stood out to me was the story of their proposal. We all know that when something is destined to be, it will be and that was clear from the moment this couple laid eyes on each other. Although Marcus initially proposed without a ring, he made sure that he would not let his future bride continue “ringless” for longer than needed. Maressa recalls that Marcus’ proposal was a true surprise as he used the “pick me up from the airport” line to stage the proposal. As they drove away from the airport he asked that she take him by a friend but midway through the drive requested that she stop at Saunders Beach to wait on the arrival of the friend. As they sat on the bench waiting Marcus dropped to one knee and asked Maressa to be his forever and a day. 

I am beyond excited to share the Wells’ wedding day with you all, so you too can share in their love story.